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We pride ourselves at the little sutton biltong company in producing an outstanding dry cured beef biltong.

We don’t use the big commercial drying ovens or add any nasty additives to prolong the life or artificially enhance the flavours of our meat. Our grass fed beef is slowly air dried under stringent temperatures and humidity resulting in a truly natural taste. Each ingredient is individually sourced, prepared and ground for maximum quality and taste, from mexican pecan smoked chipotle chilli to the indian tellicherry black peppercorns used in each batch we are sure you will agree that this is blindingly good biltong!

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Made in the Midlands with carefully sourced ingredients. We spend hours tasting and testing the best ingredients the UK has to offer, from award winning Cornish artisan malt vinegar to Celtic sea salt.

Little Sutton Biltong produce their very own blend of fresh herbs and spice mixes and use only top-quality cuts of best British beef with no artificial additives to produce their range of Biltong.

Biltong is ideal for supporting a high protein, low fat diet and fitness programme or for relaxing with a beer at home.

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